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2014 In Review

Survived another orbit around our star. As is my tradition, I now will look back on the year 2014. It was another weird one, but perhaps the correct observation is that they’re all going to be weird ones from here on out. May revise this as I remember things I’ve forgotten. May not. In no particular order, here goes nothing:

Broken Windows Theory

About seven years ago, I went on a cruise. One day, we received notice that our balcony railing would be refinished that day while we were ashore. The railing was in pretty good shape. I was irritated. From my vantage point, it could have waited until the next time the boat was in for routine maintenance or our stateroom was not booked.

Coursera Scala Course

After Flunking out of CPPGM and completing the Stanford Networking Course, I decided I was game for another MOOC: Functional Programming Principles in Scala.

Invisible Corporations, Part Two

This is a tall tale of two companies: On the surface, Monolithoogle bears a mild resemblance to Google. Distributazon has some things in common with Amazon. These similarities are anecdotal and superficial. Accuracy is not the goal. At best, I am attempting to develop hyperbolic caricatures of the companies as archetypes. The ideas here evolved from a conversation I had with a good friend.

New Theme

Nobody liked the ugly paisley background. It has been eliminated.