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Recent Posts

Coursera Scala Course

After Flunking out of CPPGM and completing the Stanford Networking Course, I decided I was game for another MOOC: Functional Programming Principles in Scala.

Invisible Corporations, Part Two

This is a tall tale of two companies: On the surface, Monolithoogle bears a mild resemblance to Google. Distributazon has some things in common with Amazon. These similarities are anecdotal and superficial. Accuracy is not the goal. At best, I am attempting to develop hyperbolic caricatures of the companies as archetypes. The ideas here evolved from a conversation I had with a good friend.

New Theme

Nobody liked the ugly paisley background. It has been eliminated.

Raise Your Replacements

Here’s some obvious and oft-repeated management advice: A manager should always be raising replacements for every role in their team.

Learn to Give Up

Brace yourself, more made-up management mumbo-jumbo ahead.