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I’ve gone ahead and started a new blog here, at latentcontent.net. Rather than implement my own blogging software as I had in the past, I am going to try using textpattern instead. It offers a lot of built-in functionality, a rich management interface, and a pretty flexible plugin architecture. What impressed me most is that all of the templates and layout are stored in the database, and the only real filesystem content are images; the particular approach to how the software is implemented is what makes it interesting.

In any event, because I am still sorting out exactly how to use this software and what I want to do with it, things are likely to change rather dramatically over the coming days and weeks as I get used to a newer way of approaching this blog. I am still sorting out exactly what sort of content will end up here versus my existing web site; probably circumlocution.org will eventually become more my professional/personal front, and latentcontent.net will become more of a place to explore thoughts, ideas, and fictions.