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Not sure how generic of a problem this is, but one of the trickiest parts of getting textpattern working was that whenever I saved an arbitrary amount of data in a form on the admin site, it would get comletely emptied out and nothing would get stored. This was worse than no effect, as it caused a whole bunch of stuff to just get entirely wiped out.

After a lot of headscratching, I isolated the problem to having built php with +hardenedphp in my /etc/make.conf. My quick initial scan through the hardenedphp didn’t reveal anything that would cause this, but for whatever reason, a rebuild without hardened php solved the problem. There’s probably just some simple flag I missed that would have resolved the problem, and at some point I’ll go back and figure out how to get it enabled again, but now isn ot that time.

In any event, the moral of the story is that textpattern does not work out of the box with hardenedphp in gentoo.