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I used my keycard to get in from the parking garage at work this morning, and received no beep after bumping my hip against the RFID pad. There was no beep, so I pulled the tag out of my pocket and swiped it over the reader again. No beans. Last time this happened it was my one year anniversary with the bank and my present was an expired tag. The third of September is not anything special, so that was not it. Then I realized the little red light was turning green, the reader just was not beeping.

What this made me realize was that without the audible feedback, my normal routine was broken up, and it took a few seconds to figure out what was going on. This was not a big deal, but it demonstrated just how much I automatically came to count on that brief audible feedback. Obviously, going through life without having one of the major senses, or losing one along the way would be a dramatic change. It is easy to think of the obvious things that would go if one lost their hearing — no music, no talking, no chirping birds, no crashing waves — but I wonder how many stupid little things I take for granted every day. Little things like these card readers have a very important audible interface, without which I would have to approach and utilize in an entirely different manner. Makes you think.