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We hit up the Saugutuck Falls Natural Area in the Redding/Easton area on Saturday seeking an easy cache, and spent a little more time exploring the park. Went by the falls, which were fine, and then went up the powerline trail back into the rear end of the park a little bit, and hiked on back. A pretty little park, but a little crowded, especially near the watering hole.

After that we looked around at houses in the Stamford area casually, an then we spent some time teaching Sarah how to drive stick. She’s doing pretty well now, can get into first without stalling, and has made it all the way into third. Soon she’ll never want an automatic again. Or at least that’s my goal.

Sunday we hit the Tarrywile Park and Mansion for some more hiking (actually, we avoided the mansion and just stuck to the park bit). The park is surprisingly large, and is full of a lot of tough terrain hiking, surprisingly. Once you get back into the deep trails of the park, there are a lot of roots and stones to deal with, and a lot of inclines and declines to deal with. Lots of pretty little ponds and wetland spreads; we saw a lot of frogs and a large Heron; I imagine it would be an excellent place for birding in general.

Other than that not too much exciting this weekend. Made the blondie bars from Joy of Cooking yesterday, which turned out (is it any surprise) well. Just taking it easy today, with a little bit of browsing outdoor stores, Sarah might be making some biscuits, and finishing up with some work this evening. Need to do some laundy as well, so I have socks.