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So I am never going to floss again. Well, at least not with that that stringy jumbo thick floss. The Oral-B superfloss is still fine, because it is still a single strand, and not a bunch of expanding stringy crap. I was flossing this morning with said jumbo thick crap, and the floss broke in half while I was working on my back molar … and left a chunk of floss there. I could not dislodge it with the floss, with a toothpick, etc. This hurt like hell until the company store opened at nine and I was able to retrieve some standard cheap waxed floss that does not fray during use. Problem solved.

That said, I definitely need to look at getting both a vision and dental check-up in the near term. A regular physical would probably also be a good idea. About time I start utilizing the insurance, since I have it. It is a bit funny how you fall out of the habit once you leave home and don’t have people nagging you to go get those appointments every so often.