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Last night Tokyo woke me to tell me that there were some issues with one of our batch jobs. Luckily there were not any real issues with this problem (one of three redundant jobs had failed, but the other two picked up the slack, just did so with some additional latency).

Of course, as I was falling back to sleep, it suddenly struck me that there was going to be a problem with another job for an entirely unrelated reason, and that we were going to miss a delivery. I went to login from home and fix the problem and the PPPoE connection was down. Wouldn’t come back up. Restarted modem and router, nothing. That meant I had to go to work, to fix this one little niggling thing. I was not pleased.

Internet is still inaccessible this morning, so I will probably have to fight for three hours with SNET tonight to convince them that my router is not causing my problems.

Far more interesting than all of this is that I’ve stumbled upon SpellBound — a spell checker for Firefox. It currently integrates in a SHIFT-F7 sort of way, in that it does not do real time checking in a textarea; if this sort of functionality could be implemented in an extension without a significant performance impact, it would be really cool.