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The WRX has a new muffler, and it doesn’t whistle anymore. On the other hand, it smells like burning, but that will wear off as the exhaust components wear in. I’m crossing my fingers that I will be able to avoid going in for service until the first oil change (still another 900 miles to go).

In any event, none of you want to read about my car.

I tend to blog because it is cathartic, not because it is particularly interesting for anybody else. A bit of a public journal (I wouldn’t go so far as calling it a diary), if you will.

If you believe New Scientist (or more accurately, the UK scientists on which they have reported), this claim is, on average, bogus. Instead, they suggest that if you write in a diary, you will be on average more sick. Far more accurate, I feel, would have just involved reversing that statement to say that people that are miserable are more likely to write in their diary. Think about it, how many “happy and healthy” people write daily in their diary that they were happy, healthy, and satisfied every day? And of course there is always the obvious response to the article: The sample group was small, the sample sizes were uneven, and the entire analysis seems suspect.

But who knows, maybe I got Lyme’s disease because I blogged about it. Personally, I think I blogged because I had Lyme’s disease.