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We saw Jersey Girl, which while having its moments was mostly terrible. I can’t get past Liv Tyler when she isn’t an elf. That will come with time, I guess.

We also saw The Ladykillers, which was mostly terrible. What happened to the Coen brothers, anyway? You think it would continue the trend of some clever heist movies, but I just found the whole of it irritating and contrived. It tried to achieve some fantastic aspects, like a Burton film, Big Fish, or Oh Brother, Where Art Though? except that it really sucked at it. That left behind a poorly executed plot and Tom Hanks with the most irritating accent ever.

And really, what happened to Kevin Smith? I know, having a kid changes everything, I get the point. I know, there’s tension with parents, I get the point. There was nothing particularly fresh or interesting said by the film, and it wasn’t particularly funny, either (contrary to the message delivered by Blockbuster to my wife).