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I feel for the people of Grand Cayman. Getting hit with a Category 5 hurricane dead-on is way up there on the list of worst possible things to happen to an island in the Caribbean. Little Cayman and its 150 residents had to be evacuated, and the destruction is widespread.

The damage isn’t the worst of it though, it sounds like the whole place is erupting in chaos if you believe the CEO of Cable and Wireless:

Grand Cayman urgently needs military intervention to restore and to preserve law and order. This needs to happen TODAY [Wednesday].

No doubt US authorities are already aware of the widespread looting that has occurred. I have heard sporadic attempts at looting continue to occur. I got caught in traffic right beside a site where police had shot several times at a looter and had detained him, and there was a near riot – a very volatile situation to which police responded promptly with heavy assault weapon teams.

Mr. Adam speaks of prison riots and breakouts, shootings, looting, how good his communications network is, and so forth. Further, he concludes his plea for US military intervention with:

BUT MY AIM IS THAT THIS IS NEVER TO BE MADE PUBLIC – it would cause a lot of unnecessary panic, it will get blown way out of proportion and so will the response. it’s not that the situation is out of control right now: with some help the RCIP can keep it under control, but we have to have a bit of military help to give us a margin of safety as a temporary measure, and hence my precaution to use publication as a “last resort” to see that we get some help. I just pray that it works.

Sorry Mr. Adam, I think you intended from the start for this to be made public. I just don’t buy it. What I don’t understand is why the commercial interests are the ones making pleas to the US, rather than the government. Well, I’m actually not surprised, now that I think about it, but what exactly is going on here?

Whatever the case, it is going to be tough for the Caymanian people to rebuild and regroup. Good luck to them.