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Sarah and I had a really lovely hike today; it didn’t get over 65, was sunny, there was a nice breeze — it doesn’t get much more ideal than that. We went to Devil’s Den, and went all the way north through the interior of the park, and then looped back on the outside pond loop. Total trip was somewhere in the neighborhood of 5.25 miles and took us a few hours. Sarah’s heart rate monitor told us we burned 200 calories. There’s no way. We hit a few lookouts on the way, but the treecover was too dense to see much (which also screwed with the GPS units aplenty).

This was a bit of a fun geocaching trip because this was the same park in which we found our first cache. Today’s find was a bit more work, but also rewarding. Sarah got to try out her new toy, with mixed luck; it seems to be slightly more accurate than mine right at the cache location, but was a little trickier to use.

The leaves aren’t changing yet, but it seems like we’re not that far away. If the weekends are like this until year end, we’re in good shape for a great hiking season. We got some great shots around the pond last year we were here, so we may have it hit it one more time before year-end.