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Take one terrible Dell keyboard:

Replace it with the best keyboard in the world:

Realize a 25% gain in job satisfaction

Of course, this all poses a real problem for me. I have made the decision that the next computer I purchase will be a Macintosh. Nine years ago, I convinced Sarah to abandon that rotten apple and come to the PC world. Reader, I won the battle but lost the war. Apple has regrouped and OS X is superb. The developer community is doing things with OS X that just make sense. It’s not that it’s dumbing computing down, or tossing out performance in exchange for flare. The developer community is making computing intuitive, flexible, and more powerful than their competitors and nobody else can keep up, and it’s almost entirely due to the flexible aspects of the OS X architecture.

I digress. More on this at some point. As I was saying, this is a problem, because hooking a Model M to a Mac is no small feat, and unlike the minor inconvenience of missing windows keys, dropping apple/option keys is not really going to work out for the best. I suppose I will have to try what is heralded as the best mac keyboard. I only hope it is half as good as the best PC keyboard.