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Audio blogging is just not ready for prime time. I mean this in the nicest possible way. It’s hard enough to find good written blog content — that there are so many good blogs is only because there are hundreds of thousands of bad blogs. I admire what they are trying to do with things like ipodder. However, I tried to download every audio blog entry I could find, and started sifting through them. Roughly 75% of everything I heard was people gabbing about their recording setup, what they’re using, what they’ve changed since last time, and what they need to do to get it right. The next most popular event seemed to be reading the equivalent of a weblog entry aloud, but most of these people have no radio experience (there are a few notable exceptions), so it’s a lot of mumbling, um, mumbling, um, content, um, well, um, pause, um, etc. It’s the sort of thing I would produce were I to attempt to audio blog. I would not be an interesting audio blogger.

Maybe in another 6-12 months there will be some useful content, in the meantime, these are my general observations:

  • Most audiobloggers are terrible at speaking
  • Talking about recording rigs is not interesting
  • Unlike blog entries, it’s difficult to skim between the interesting bits
  • There is (currently) no real easy way of categorizing audio content like with written content
  • You get a lot more useful information in less time by reading
  • None of the automatic interconnections that come with weblogs are present in audioblogs. Further, the concept of carrying out comments/interblog communication in audio blogs is completely silly.

I think there is probably a decent future in this stuff, just that now is not yet the time. I also think the good content is going to be even harder to find than in the written medium. I also object to the whole notion that it’s another form of blogging; it seems to me a lot more like a recorded radio show, and nothing more; the phone-ins are just comments on the post, rather than recorded messages. I suppose audio comments wouldn’t be that hard … but why? To me, it doesn’t have the same sort of appeal and intuition as blogging outright.