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We saw Supersize Me, which was fun. Disturbing (as most things about the fast food industry are), though not anything revolutionary when compared with Fast Food Nation. I find Morgan Spurlock is reminiscent of Michael Moore, though he looks a little better on screen. I’m not sure what to think of that. In any event, worth seeing for entertainment value, and somewhat for education on the fast food industry, though like most documentaries, one must be careful not to take anything too seriously.

Shrek 2 was good old fashioned fun, and delivered what we expected — I would say it was comparable to the first movie, and if you enjoyed that, you should get a kick out of the latest installment. Antonio Banderas was perfect. His foray into movies for children (and children’s movies for adults) was the right one, I think.

Mean Girls was better than I expected. I am also pretty sure that Lindsey Lohan had a boob job. The movie was mostly what you would expect, but then took the fantastic step of randomly running the antagonist over with a school bus. A brilliant comedic triumph or something like that. For a lightweight dark comedy, it is quite satisfying.