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Lots of little things to cover after our little wedding trip to the Midwest. Most of it will probably drip out over the next few days. To summarize, we had a stateside reception to make up for the fact that our wedding proper was in the Caribbean. This way, our friends and family that couldn’t fly out for the wedding could still share in the joy. It was really nice to be able to see everybody again, and visiting the Midwest is always interesting. Our cake at this reception was also much nicer:

We received a number of generous gifts, though the most amazing has to be the hand-made quilt that two of my aunts worked on for 51 weeks to complete. I don’t have a full shot of it yet, but the back of it looks like this:

I promise to get a picture up of the full quilt at sometime in the near future. It is simply amazing, the type of thing that is more artwork that you would want to hang on your wall, than something with which you would cover your bed.

On the CRJ from HPN to ORD, we had some of the most disgusting in-flight snacks ever. I have accepted the fact that I’ll never have peanuts again, thanks to the problems of closed-air allergen circulators, but switching up mediocre pretzels for this monstrosity:

I have seldom tasted something so vile. Just in case you aren’t scared enough, take a look inside the bag:

Yeah, they taste even more poisonous and chemical than they look. I went for a healthy dose of tonic water to try and flush out the vile aftertaste, but of course the CRJ also didn’t bother stocking tonic. What a bum plane; I want my roomy F100 back.

Unrelated, we flew on a 737 back to HPN (I didn’t know American ran anything that large into Westchester until that point), and sitting behind us were a group of loud Pfizer drug salespeople. There are few things less interesting than a debate of what drug is the least interesting to sell — Zyvox, Bextra, Celebrex. That’s not the point of the story, however. A few minutes after taking off, the guy in the group said “I hear this airport is small — is it scary to land there?” I wanted to turn around and say “Yes, in fact if you upset the pilot’s concentration by talking at any point during the remainder of the flight, it is very likely he will plunge into the moat at the front of the runway, or slide off the mud into the mountains at the end of the grass field.” However, I lack the confidence for that sort of spectacle. How do these people survive in the real world?

Sarah has had her travel confirmed for France; it looks like we will be able to make the Illini/Michigan game (hooray!). It also looks like she’s going to go from Champagne to Champaign all in one day, which is going to make it brutal to hit the game the next day (boo!).