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Had a couple long chats with my boss yesterday. One related to resourcing, and the danger of losing headcount, and hiring inept employees to prevent that. The jury’s still out on that topic, but I am getting to the point where I prefer no employees to bad employees. There is a very particular case that is infuriating, but I’ll leave it at that for the time being.

The other conversation centered around my career plans, and I made it clear that in the long-run I don’t want to be in support, and I’d like to get back into development, but not of the “produce a report from a database” variety. As such, within the bank that would mean a quant sort of role. Of course, most quant roles usually look for somebody with a PhD, which makes things a little more interesting. Not sure what this will end up meaning in the long run, but I probably need to spend some time honing my c++ skills and read a few more books on pricing derivatives. Set a tentative goal of being in that sort of role by my two-year anniversary date, June 23, 2005. We’ll see what happens.