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Love him or hate him, George Soros is behind a slew of incredible derivative transactions and arbitrage trades that have netted him billions. You would think somebody rich like this would be another Bush lover, but it’s quite the opposite. He has an interesting speech which spends a little too much time promoting his own interests, but makes clear that he thinks Bush is a nut too.

In any event, I missed the debate last night due to a number of production issues. There is a lot of commentary on the net of the form “Bush won this one” Kerry won this one Well, if you look at the IEM, random digression I don’t think the point of the debate is to win, the point is to make clear which candidate’s policies make more sense to your worldview. Granted, if you side with Bush, you’re insane, but that’s just my opinion. A full transcript is available if, like me, you missed it.

Now this isn’t really fair, but (all from Bush):

My administration has tripled the amount of money we’re spending on homeland security to $30 billion a year.

That’s a good thing?

We spent $3.1 billion for fire and police, $3.1 billion.

So you spent ten times more on spying than on protecting your citizens from fire, rape, murder, vandalism, and violence? Nice stat, thank you, Mr. President.

This worries me the most:

The Patriot Act is vital—is vital that the Congress renew the Patriot Act which enables our law enforcement to disrupt terror cells.
No, no, no! But there are some more positive highlights (from Kerry):