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We watched the vice presidential debate last night. I am amazed at how much more articulate Cheney is than Bush. I fear that the conservative party would actually have some clout if Cheney was their president. That said, he was really nasty through the first half of the debate, slinging mud a lot more than trying to construct a good argument. The one really impressive moment was when he made clear that he does not agree with Bush’s policy on gay marriage, and that he only goes by it because Bush sets policy. That he responded so gracefully to Edwards’ comments about his daughter, and did not debate the point showed for a brief moment that there is a human somewhere in there. Don’t get me wrong, Cheney, Rumsfield, and Ashcroft still form the triumvirate of evil (Sarah’s phrase).

Edwards, on the other hand, just does not impress me. He is a lackluster candidate, compared to Cheney, he is terrible at actually answering questions. All candidates suffer from this, but Edwards is not helping the cause. I still don’t understand how either party really plans on fixing the economy. The conservatives are going to screw us, the liberals have no clue either. We’ll see what happens.