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So there are still some things I need to get to from the wedding reception trip. One of them is to carefully unpack the quilt when Loki is not around, take a photo, and then figure out how we will protect it from said kitten. In the meantime, though, there are two books I finished on that trip that I thought I’d talk about for a few moments.

I had been running out of Ballard books, as previously noted, and needed to pace myself, which lead me to Alex Garland. This brought me to his novel, The Beach. This turned out to be a surprisingly good book. A bit of a Lord of the Flies for grown-ups, but there’s nothing wrong with improving on a theme. I actually thought it was a very pleasant dystopian novel, intelligently written and well thought-through. It was enough to convince me to read another of his books, certainly. I grabbed The Tesseract next from the library, which is a bit like reading a story that would play out in a movie somewhat like City of God (so far anyway).

I also, per numerous references to his work, read my first Graham Green novel, The End of the Affair. I thought it was really good. I’m interesting in reading some of his larger works. I tried to read one of the short story collections, and while good, I had a harder time enjoying it, as has been my problem with short stories lately. Not sure what that’s all about.