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Well, I’ve managed to go and screw with computers a bit more again. I now successfully have Windows 2000 running under linux via vmware (whereby successful I mean it works fine if I don’t mind throwing away my resolution and video acceleration). A little more hacking to get it working with the nvidia drivers may be in order, but the end result is that I no longer need to keep the laptop around to connect to work from home, as windows 2000 in vmware is sufficient to run a terminal services client on another windows 2000 box. Got that? Linux to Vmware to Windows 2000 to Windows 2000 terminal server to Windows 2000 application server. Despite this, I’m still getting usable performance. Crazy what you can do with the amount of processing power available these days.

In any event, that’s allowed me to relocate the laptop under the television, and assuming I can get it working as I plan, it will replace ptflea which was formerly there, but is now in Champaign hosting this website. Then I will again have a jukebox hooked up to the hi-fi, and a lot cheaper than the eventual plan of purchasing something more clever.

Did a lot of cleaning today, and I was about to relocate a spare rug to Loki’s room, so she would have something to cover the floor in there. Then as I was lifting it, gobs and gobs of cat turds fell out, along with a wash cloth stained with urine. I was nonplussed. Needless to say, I tossed the rug, cleaned that corner of the apartment with a load of bleach, and things are back to normal, until she decides to do the same with the good rug, anyhow.

Sarah is in France, and one of the tricks is how to call me. Miracles enough, I was able to purchase a France to USA phone card on the Internet, receive a pin and access number, forward this to Sarah, and just minutes later she was able to call me. This seems like one of those rare cases where the Internet is so far superior to the old way of doing things that there is little point in keeping the traditional solutions around. I used www.callingcards.com, which seems a lot like a site I would see advertised in a popup window, but it worked remarkably well. Now we just cross our fingers that my credit card doesn’t get stolen.

And that’s the first update. Now I need to chronicle Sunday’s food trip through Manhattan.