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In case you were wondering, dropping a two liter bottle of Rum in a closet on a parquet floor is ever bit of a nightmare as you can imagine, and so much more. I know somewhere a person is laying awake right now wondering about that, so I figured I’d spare them the excercise.

I didn’t really feel like the candidates said much new stuff tonight. Much to my chagrin, they did not really explain in detail how either of them was going to fix the budget, but that’s no surprise. Kerry recognizes he has to roll back tax cuts, and that’s a good start, but that’s not everything. I’m really not sure how his budget is going to work either, but at least it has some foundation in sanity. Oh well.

Had some people over to watch the debate, but only a few seemed genuinely interested. It is what it is. I think most people are decided by this point, assuming they can vote, and aren’t hearing anything but what they want to (myself included). I’m realizing I’m already so far gone I can’t take Bush seriously, even if he’s saying something valid. I think that’s something I need to work on. We ended up watching some of the Sox/Yankees game and playing a little Gran Turismo 3 towards the end. Loki was peeved that I let people come over to her house, and is still letting me know she’s not happy. It took almost two hours for her to come out from under the bed after everybody left, and she’s still checking every nook and cranny of the house to make sure there aren’t more strangers hiding under, say, the couch (after which she trots back to the bed to make sure that hasn’t been invaded in her absence). It’s cute, but sort of sad. I don’t think she’ll ever be a particularly social cat, but I guess that’s ok. I’ve never been a particularly social person, so we get along.

But alas, after the booze debacle, I’m tired, and that’s about all I can think up at this point. Just make sure to go out in vote if you are able; keep in mind the deadline for registration is just about closed.