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I was at Target last night, waiting to check out, so I could take my fresh half-gallon of milk and three bars of soap home. While this six-story monstrosity in downtown Stamford probably deserves its own entry and discussion, I’ll just leave it to say that for the time being, the place is chaotic, and still needs its bugs worked out. In any event, this girl was ahead of me, and she had two dollars. She was going through each item in the candy selection next to the conveyor (she wasn’t quite tall enough to reach, so the whole exercise was a little awkward, with her leaning over the belt to reach the top row and so forth). She kept debating what she would get, then handed some gum to the checker, who rung it up and said it would be 98 cents. The girl then lit up with surprise and grabbed another item from the rack, which was then run up, and she thrust her two dollars at the checker.

This interchange made me realize two things: a) this girl doesn’t know how to calculate tax b) this girl probably has no idea how to add. She was not that young — while I’m a bad judge of these things, she seemed to be at least a few years older than the fourth graders we see for community service through the bank. That somebody is going out and spending money without being able to figure out how much money they are spending is a worrying thing.

In other news, I’m having issues on csoft with procmail not being able to store and forward a copy of my email to gmail. It seems to be randomly deciding between allowing and not allowing mail through, coming back with 553 errors that are getting returned to senders. After figuring this out, it’s explained why I’ve received very little email over the last few months, but it’s worrying realizing that somewhere in the 3000 or so archived backups of messages are probably a few emails I shouldn’t have missed. So now I’ve got to dig into why this thing isn’t working, and figure out if I can continue using csoft, or if I need to do something else to safely bounce my mail around. I don’t exactly trust my old outdated economy box running this web site, but at the same time, at least I know what the rules are on its mail server…

A coworker spotted a huge spider (full legspan about 2") at work today, which I subsequently captured in a starbucks cup for everybody’s viewing pleasure. It looks a lot like a large brown recluse, but being in Connecticut, that can’t be what it was. It was released carefully back into the outdoors (where it will now probably die from the cold, rather than being mercifully squashed or released on the trading floor), but now I’ve got that creepy something-is-about-to-crawl-out-of-the-hollow-floor feeling.