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Saturday we went and saw Friday Night Lights, which was good. It was predictable, but an enjoyable story. Billy Bob was pretty much a nothing character, which isn’t to say he didn’t act his part well; I also feel like a lot of the plots were out of control and did not tie together. In the end, it felt like the movie was a highlights reel for the book. Still, it put me in the mood to see UNC beat Miami. That was pretty sweet. And between the Michigan/Michigan State game and the Oklahoma/Oklahoma state game, it was a good college ball weekend. Oh, and then there were the Patriots. That was a bit of a surprise.

We watched Drawn Together for the first time this weekend as well. It is one of the most offensive programs I have ever seen — South park, turned up to 11. By using the shield of it being a “reality show” and a “cartoon” they manage to take all of the things one can’t say or do on television, and start doing the. I’m pretty sure I like it, but it might take a few more weeks to be sure.