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We tried to go to the Rockland Lake State Park this weekend, to hit some caches up in the cliffs overlooking the Hudson. A long stretch of route 9W was closed, so we ended up being able to reach just the central portion of the park, where we then discovered that the southern parking areas were closed off. Not wanting to hike through the golf course and all the way up the hills just to get to the trail that leads to the cliffs, we decided to just walk around the lake instead on the walking path. It was a change of pace from our usual weekend adventures, but was still fun. After that we drove around Congers and New Town a bit, and ended up running into the Palisades mall, where we then spent some time looking around. Nothing like what we planned, but it made for a fun outing just the same. We found some Nightmare Before Christmas mugs at the Disney store that we couldn’t resist, and other than that just looked around the monstrosity that is the Palisades.