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Nothing can be done about it in the short term. Back to whining about life as usual. I’ve got to do some thinking about what to do in the next few years to rectify this situation. Believing that our nation would actually pay attention to what was going on and correct its mistake was a foolish hope.

In other news.

The new A Perfect Circle album is terrible. The only good recording is the cover of Imagine, and that’s it. I don’t get it. Maynard is super-clever; take a look at the Tool albums, and some of the meaning behind the lyrics there. Now it’s a full assault on the listener, war is bad, politics are dangerous, life sucks, you die. Your listeners are smarter than that. Get over it, and write some music with at least a little intellectual content again.

That’s just me, though. On the other hand, the new Queen Latifah album is arguably her best release ever. Who knew? Latifah. Jazz standards. Huh.

After the last power flicker in Stamford, my PC stopped booting. I changed the keyboard and now it’s working again, but I’m really scared to reboot it now. For some reason power outages in Stamford really like killing my hardware; I’ve lost three hard drives and two full computers since moving here all directly related to power cycles. Time to invest in some UPS units, I guess.