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Hypo-allergenic cats. “Lifestyle pet.” This is the coolest and at the same time most disturbing thing I’ve read all day. On one hand, the whole premise, being able to bring feline companionship to the allergic, is great. On the other hand, this scares me an awful lot. What’s the next step? That’s the question that keeps circling through my mind. And yes, $3500 might be a luxury for those who suffer from allergies, but it does very little to encourage population control for cats throughout the country. I did find their little cat-facts window interesting though; they mention that cats respond the best to names ending in the “ee” sound. No wonder Loki comes when Sarah calls for her. They also mention that cats will spend 30% of their lives grooming. With another 65% spent sleeping, that tells you something. Things I never knew.

That said, Loki is a smart cat. She’s figured out some new dirty tricks. She now knows that when I leave the bedroom and don’t go to the bathroom, that it’s to trick her into following me, from which I can then return and shut her out from the bedroom. So now, she’s taken to a new tactic. She will follow me out of the bedroom, but will always make sure that she’s between the bedroom and me. If I move slowly in that direction, she slowly backs towards the bedroom. If I start moving faster, she runs at full tilt under the bed. I am not pleased.