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I’ve noticed something. People aren’t blogging enough at 3AM when you’re waiting on some guy to drive in from bumblefuck and reboot the SAN because there isn’t any onsite support for the SAN and there isn’t any way to do this sort of thing remotely. While the obvious solution is for people to never sleep, I suppose what I need to do is start aggregating internationally so there is no risk of a traffic outage during the evenings.

Completely unrelated, I have experienced toast nirvana, and it can be found in a Dualit toaster. I have seldom encountered such an elegantly engineered piece of equipment, and these sorts of things are a cause for celebration. There are no automatic springs, optical sensors, pop-tart settings, defrost settings, digital readouts, push-override, cancel buttons, etc. The design is simple, there are two slots into which the toast can be dropped; a flip of a switch decides how many of the slots should be heated. The only moving part is a small manually-actuated lever that pushes the toast up when you want (not automatic — which is brilliant, as it keeps your toast warm until you want it removed). There is a dial for how long to run the hot and uniform heating elements. There is a crumb tray that is effortless to remove. You can select whether you want both slots to be heated, or just the leftmost. There is a leveling feature. There is a timer to determine how long to run the elements. That’s it. Everything that is necessary to create excellent toast and nothing more. Many things (hardware and software) could benefit from this sort of genius of interface and function. Many thanks to Sarah’s coworkers who generously gifted it to us on the occasion of our wedding.