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I’ll try to keep this quick. We can’t find the belts for our vacuum anywhere, as Hoover belts seem only to be sold in stores for their uprights, not canisters. I broke down and ordered four of them from the Hoover web site half a month ago, including a shipping cost higher than the cost of the four belts. This was retarded, but it’s also retarded to not be able to use the sweeper attachment. In any event, tracking through FedEx, this package came from about 100 miles away, and ended up in the Bronx, where it went out for delivery … in the Bronx. They realized sometime two days thereafter that the delivery was going to the incorrect location, and drove it straight on a delivery truck, from the Bronx, to my apartment. They then left a final notice, because the first and second notice were left for somebody else in the Bronx. Right on. I called and said, in simple terms, “What the fuck?” but now the package is on the way back to Hoover because FedEx has no ability to do anything but return to shipper after the final notice has been placed, if the customer does not agree to pick the item up (again, in the Bronx, not at my local FedEx; I am not driving to the Bronx to pick up my delivery; I could have just driven to Hoover’s warehouse). I guess I didn’t keep it that quick, but that’s my why-I-now-hate-FedEx story.