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Ok, I know, I shouldn’t be posting any more red/blue maps. But really, this site takes another interesting spin on re-projecting the maps based on population instead of on geography. That said, as long as I’m yet again kicking a dead horse, here’s some food for conspiracy theorists about the election in Florida being rigged.

There is an interesting article over at the Guardian about the new China, in its not-quite-socialist not-quite-capitalist society. I am still waiting for China to become the economic superpower that it is destined to be; I feel it is destined to become a behemoth of historical proportions. I think everybody is underestimating just how much potential exists there. It’s going to be interesting to see how things play out globally and locally in the Chinese political landscape over the next few decades. All of that said, China is in for a lot more bad weather, perhaps showing some of the most direct evidence of global warming that we’ve seen in a while. While other superpowers are able to sustain through such tragedies, the impact seems to be much more dire in a country where things are spread much more thin. One of the interesting things the article says is:

But the report, which tapped 400 experts working under a national commission on climate change, says greenhouse gas emissions per capita are still lower than that of developed countries, indicating government policies may be having some effect.

That’s right kids, per capita! There are over a billion people in China!