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So my manager took the day off on a day when he has a new employee coming in. That means I get to manage the induction of said employee. Fine — except that I don’t know anything about the status of his accounts, when he’s arriving, what my manager’s plans are for this resource, and so forth. Further, because my manager arranged a phone change for me that still has not been completed (about which I also do not have any information), I am unable to receive phone calls from the front desk to let me know that the new employee is in.


So a message was sent to the hiring organization that I would be managing his induction today, but this message did not go through, since the person at the agency had an emergency and didn’t get her messages. The end result is that our new hire spent five hours waiting in security because nobody knew anything about him, because all of the messages were being sent to my manager, who was of course not answering his phone.


In any event, Sarah and I spent some time in the city this weekend. We were going to go to the Museum of Sex. Instead, we got sidetracked by the shops at Columbus Circle, and spent most of our time in that general region. It was fun. Ran into an old highschool classmate through a mutual friend, which was a little strange. Nevermind all that. The point of all of this is that you should visit that website, as I’ve never seen anything like it. They took a single page, and the links within the page just scroll your web browser to another region on the page — in two dimensions. It is a terrifying example of web design gone wrong.