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I heard some guys walking around the cafeteria today saying, “Yeah, that guy just ruined his life. I mean, he was a parking attendant and he just won $150 million, his life is destroyed. That guy isn’t going to know how to use that sort of money.” Listen, just because the guy’s a parking lot attendant who plays the lotto doesn’t mean a damn thing. I don’t understand smart people thinking that they know what to do with money any better than the next guy. You give an IT worker in an investment bank $150 million, I doubt the outcome is going to be that much different than a parking lot attendant than a garbage collector than a street worker. In some scenarios, you will see either waste all of the money … in other scenarios you will see intelligent behavior with regards to the money.

I guess I just don’t always like the attitudes I run into on the east coast. I’m sure it was like this in the Midwest too, I just can’t remember it.