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Google does it again. They’ve taken
the Amazon wish list to the next level — getting rid of Amazon. I think I’ll
start moving my wishlist over to this, and killing the Amazon one. It’s not
that I have anything against Amazon, but this is a lot more generic. That
said, I ordered a a slew of stuff from Amazon by first finding it on a number
of vendor sites, and then realizing that every store but one had a vendor
relationship with Amazon. From that regard, the centralized electronic
commerce is still brilliant, and the Amazon commerce engine is a work of genius
for all involved.

In any event, there is an interesting article over at Contexts Magazine
discussing some interesting aspects of the work-life
balance. They argue
that while there are more people struggling for work these days, it is due in
part to professional positions within the workforce taking on more work and
responsibility, and economically eliminating some of the lower-skill
requirements. The end result is that there are people becoming more
overworked, and people who are struggling to get enough work, which on average
reduces the amount of hours we work
while creating a problem in both
dimensions. There are some interesting thoughts there. I think it could be
interesting to study all of these synthetic micro-economies that are internally
undermining the “simple” economic principles.