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Ok, time to just get these out of my system.

Elf was a typical Will Ferrell film; if that’s what you’re looking for, you’ll be satisfied. If you’re expecting anything worthwhile and devoid of countless uncomfortable situations, there’s not much point. 3/10.

Girl with a Pearl Earring was pretty nice, with some great cinematography, and understated grace. I really appreciated that the story was not forced down your throat, and that you were left with quiet moments and lapses in dialog in which you could really consider what was going on. I felt truly immersed in the environment, and moved by the film. It was especially interesting as I’d had no previous introduction to Vermeer, even if this is ultimately a work of fiction. Probably the biggest downside was Colin Firth. 6/10.

The Stepford Wives was clever in principle, but relatively terrible in execution, and lacking any real texture or through. There was one mild surprise in the end, but it’s the sort of twist that really isn’t surprising when you consider the film as a whole. Kidman was the star of the show, the rest of the acting was downright terrible. I wonder how the original is — one hopes it is better, or else I don’t know that I would have seen the inspiration to remake it in such terrible fashion. Worth a watch if everything else is checked out, perhaps, but nothing more. 4/10.

The Nightmare Before Christmas was great fun. The animation work, plot, and music were all perfect, and looking back at a film now over a decade old, I think it was ahead of its time. I’m generally a Tim Burton fan; I’m not sure how I managed to not see this one until now, especially since the music was stuck in my head before I’d even seen the film. I think that might be Sarah’s fault, however. 8/10.

Spider-Man 2. Long-time readers will recall my violent aversion to the train wreck that is Spider-Man. Yes, I finally was so desperate to find a new film, and the selection was that bad. I thought privately that I had just been wrong about Spider-Man and that the sequel would help me to realize the error of my ways. I can now say with great certainty that the entire Spider-Man franchise will remain indefinitely on my top five worst movies of all time list, alongside such jems as The Transporter, Rugrats go Wild, The Lizzie McGuire Movie and Home on the Range. The terrible acting and dialogue was right on par with the original, and the product placement actually managed to get even more obnoxious. Always remember, dear reader, with great power comes great responsibility — Spider-Man 3 is on the way in 2007. 0/10.