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Ok, there haven’t been enough cat pictures lately, you’re probably beginning to think this isn’t a blog, and instead is just a place for me to whine about my life, so here are some Loki pictures (courtesy of my wife; Loki would never forgive me were I to put her in a hat) with the excuse of Christmas in the air:

I always knew she was an Illini fan. Cats and wolverines don’t get along. She is quite pleased that Ron Turner is gone.

And that is the Christmass tree box that Loki is inspecting; we brought our 38-kilo made-in-China evergreen out of storage and into the wild for the Christmas season:

You’ll also see new this year our brand new Christmas tree skirt, courtesy of Target. Loki decided to puke her dinner up on it tonight, so it has been properly integrated into our home.

Additionally, Christmas would not be complete without a stocking. Check out this stocking from Target:

Cool, huh? Dorky? Definitely!