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Our down comforter and cover have now arrived. I realized what a predicament this created after I unpacked the down comforter and realized I had to somehow stuff it inside a cover and then button it in. One of the things I never uncovered in my research was any sort of description of how terribly difficult it is to get a comforter stuffed inside a comforter cover. Luckily, dear reader, I have figured out the secret, and I can provide another secret to down comforter enjoyment:

To get a down comforter into a comforter cover:

  1. Get inside of the comforter cover, standing up
  2. Straighted out the cover so that your hands are in the upper corners of the comforter, and your feet are in the lower corners.
  3. While still standing, pull the comforter inside of the cover with you, and stretch the corners of it to match the corners of the cover.
  4. Now comes the tricky part. Fall forward onto a mattress, and carefully crawl out of the cover backwards, while leaving the comforter intact.
  5. After that, just beging the painful process of buttoning the interior buttons, and enjoy.

Voila, we have loft! I think our bed, with nothing on it, is now about 3" taller. Unsurprisingly, Loki likes this an awful lot:

And just to make sure that I get you tired out of seeing our cat, here’s a little more Loki:

In any event, we did a quick test snuggle under the comforter and decided it was swell (and strangely addicting). We then promptly left, to avoid falling asleep.