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So we’re done with our Christmas shopping, except a little bit here and there (ok, so we’re not really done, but there’s just one and a half people more to go, and that shouldn’t be a big deal). Having all of that done and our holiday travel booked by December 5 is priceless.

We went to Penzey’s this weekend to restock our spice cabinet (we were out of some essential such as coriander, hot chili powder (I know, a real chili maker would just roast the peppers themselves … we’ll work up to that). Friends, this place is dangerous, as you find yourself piling spice upon spice into your little basket. We escaped with much less damage than I expected, but it could have been a disaster. Free smells! It’s fantastic! It is especially interesting comparing various varieties of cinnamon and so forth, as well as discovering just how many things smell like licorice, even when you forget about anise and star anise… Highly recommended if you have the opportunity.