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For three weeks now I’ve had a difficult time falling asleep Sunday through Thursday nights. I’m able to sleep on the weekends, even though the thoughts that plague me are not temporal in nature. This may be due to less stress on the weekends, as I know that I have to go to work the next day, or it may just be something to do with going to bed later on the weekends. The thoughts that keep me awake center on trying to figure out what I want to do with life, and how to make whatever I do more satisfying and challenging. The problem is that there are a lot more questions than answers, and all the while I’m just getting more exhausted.

In even less interesting news, I seem to have run into some problems with mod_ssl and apache on gentoo, for the newest version of both packages. No matter how I force the compile and options, mod_ssl seems to build as an apache2 module that I cannot load. While I love gentoo and portage, it does things like this that make me realize that no package management system will ever be perfect. Following the “if you can’t beat them” adage, I’ve solved the problem for the time being by upgrading to apache2. I don’t know why I didn’t do this a long time ago; I forgot how much I prefer the configuration layout. We will see how it works in the long run, but so far it has solved my immediate problems, with a few hours of downtime along the way while I figured out the module issue.

Enough about me for now.

Apparently, Lieberman could potentially “head homeland security”.http://www.canada.com/montreal/montrealgazette/news/story.html?id=8eb3d4b5-436f-4996-bc98-dd45c6396183. Not surprising considering he’s about as conservative as a democrat can get, I suppose, but it still may be better than some alternatives. We’ll see what happens.

There’s an interesting document [PDF] over at Public Citizen about the dangers of farm-raised shrimp. This sounds pretty similar to the risks of farm-raised salmon, both in terms of environmental and human risks. Then again, we’re talking about an invertebrate that eats detritus for a living. Still, if you can find a fishmonger that can actually tell you where the shrimp is from, it would be good to be careful.