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Lots of stuff to blab about (most of it personal and uninteresting). We’re now back from Kansas, have Loki back from the vet (hooray!) and all of that good stuff. Will update on the rest over the next few days.

But, the quick news update of the day is that, due to Sarah’s Christmas gift to me, I have now entered the (crazy) club of home coffee roasters. Between a Hearthware i-Roast, high-end probe thermometer (the protective sheath does not hold up so well in the oven, incidentally), a mess of green coffee, and a knee mill I am dangerous indeed.

I tried my first roast tonight, a Sumatra Mandheling Gr. 1, with the intent of achieving a Full City+, but ended up somewhere on the French/Vienna border, due to a screw-up in activating the roast halt feature to soon and subsequently roasting a little too long. Sarah and I both enjoy dark roasts, but I’m going to work towards hitting the Full City properly; many of these green beans will lose some of what makes them interesting if all I do is push them to espresso and Vienna levels. I’ll try another batch tomorrow, after sampling the first batch (flavor peaks 12 hours after roasting) in the morning.

Did discover that warnings of tons of smoke were quite accurate once you go past the second crack stage. I think I will make use of the “optional” four inch dryer ducting feature and vent the oily smoke outside next time, after purchasing said ductwork and building a cardboard baffle for the kitchen.