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No small surprise, but it was a long sleepless night before the return to work, thanks to insomnia and an early call from Hong Kong. Getting up this morning I figured I’d at least have another roast to try and some fresh coffee to wake me.

I built a baffle and some dryer ducting for the roaster last night, in order to get most of the smoke out the window instead of in the kitchen; it seemed to work pretty well. I’ll have to nab snapshot of the handywork, as it’s embarassing.

I roasted Sweet Maria’s Moka Kadir Blend last night, and wasn’t particularly pleased with the roasting, as the beans seemed to stop moving in the roaster and the batch turned out very unevenly roasted, with about half of it somewhere between a full French roast and full carbonization, and the rest in a Full City+ or so.

After grinding and pressing this morning, the brew was putrid, chalky, flavorless, and completely undrinkable. We’ll see if I can get something a little more even and drinkable tomorrow; in retrospect, I’m wondering if the increased backpressure due to the tubing and dryer vent is limiting the airflow through the beans, which could have stymied the circulation during the roast. We’ll give it another go tonight and see what comes out.