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I’ve just finished some Jamaican Peanut Drink. Strange stuff, given the third ingredient is peanut butter. This was the first 300-calorie 12g-fat 12oz soft drink can I think I’ve had. I’m not sure I’d ever have it again, but I think I enjoyed it.

In any event, there is a great paper on MIT Press about the old problem of money buying happiness. It takes for granted that buying more material goods isn’t going to buy you happiness. It then goes on, however, to suggest that paying to get rid of your inconvenience, frustration, and lost time does significantly improve one’s life. Some examples are getting rid of a commute to work with a house right next door, having a maid service rather than having to clean at the end of a long day, and working at a stimulating low-stress job. It also blatantly points out that Americans are not doing the intuitive thing in terms of selecting jobs, but that’s something most of us have figured out, I think. Anyhow, an interesting read or skim if you have some time.