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As I’ve mentioned before, I do not like FedEx. That said, I still have a bone to pick with UPS.

UPS has this QuantumView thing they use for small vendors with pick-up shipping (such as Sweet Maria’s). For those that have not seen it, they send out an email notice saying “we have been notified that we will be picking up a package, and this is the tracking number that it will have, if and when we actually pick it up.” It includes all of the vitals — how much it weighs, where it’s being shipped, where it’s coming from, and when it might arrive.

So you say to yourself, when you receive such an email, “Self, I shall track my package, and see where it is!” Of course, since you’re the sort that gets their email relatively regularly, you punch in your number, and are promptly told that you mis-entered your number, that numbers have the format 1Z 999 999 99 9999 999 9, and you probably screwed up. Thank you. The original QuantumView email came from UPS, so they obviously had some sort of knowledge of this thing. Why on earth can’t they put a stub record in their database that says “your tracking number has been scheduled for pickup; no further status is currently available?” In fact, the UPS tracking FAQ details that there should be a “Billing Information Received” status, which tells me:

UPS has received the electronic transmission of package detail from the shipper. It does not necessarily mean that UPS has taken possession of the package.

Aha! That sounds like exactly what the QuantumView email was telling me, except there is a disconnect. The QuantumView email was from QuantumViewNotify@ups.com, so some system at UPS knows what’s going on. Why doesn’t the data make that last little tiny step so that when you actually track your package it can tell you the same thing? I just don’t get it.