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I actually interofficed a guy in the city a fruitcake the other day. I didn’t think it would work (I just stuffed it into an envelope), but lo and behold, it arrived today. Sometimes it’s the stupid little things that bring you more surprise and joy than you would expect.

Continuing on the theme of good news, I think I have finally found somebody else (link defunct) who has some of the same feelings on Spider-Man 2 as I do. They don’t come out and say I Hated, Hated, Hated This Movie, but it’s a start.

Inspired by some other access log surfing, it looks as though my Headhunter Aptitude Test got picked up by a Canadian recruiting blog, which subsequently got picked up by the Job blog at the Boston Globe Boston Works (if I have everything straight). Who knew? Strangely, a few days after posting that, I stopped hearing from headhunters. In any event, in the process, Canadian Headhunter has at least exposed me to some of the other side of the issue, which is interesting. Anyhow, this article now accounts for about half of my referer log, which reminds me a) how strange the Internet is, and b) how few people actually read this thing.

In the process, I also discovered I apparently made the Feedster Interesting Feed of the Day for Brendan’s birthday. Who knew? I also came across blogsnow, which I want to look at a little more. In theory, they’re capturing the current discussion in the blogosphere (I decided after first using this word out loud last night that I can no longer ignore it, but seeing it in type still makes me cringe … they need to coin something shorter as an analogue to “the web”) to form an instantaneous zeitgeist. They also have some specialized captures just for google, ebay, and wikipedia, but don’t (at least with cursory inspection) seem to have syndication enabled for them. I can’t decide if it’s something I want to aggregate for a while, or something I want to look at by itself. Aggregating the to the current consensus of interest by din is a slightly different approach to the human aggregation layer that I have discussed in the past. That said, I’ve been dragging down the popular links from del.icio.us for quite a while now, and lately have come to appreciate oishii’s feed of the same. blogsnow provides a bit of the same, but without the selectivity, filtering, or slant … which brings back the problem of being more interesting but harder (for me) to parse. That said, it may indirectly bring back aggregation of current events for me, which I seem to have culled from my current list of feeds. Of course, as I say this, it seems the most popular discussion on the net is rather trite, and mostly centered around Ashlee Simpson’s halftime performance at the Orange Bowl … very little about natural disasters, impending elections in Iraq, insurgent suicide bombings, or anything else of actual depth or importance.

I’m pretty sure I need to revise that last paragraph to make it coherent, but it makes my head hurt when I look at it, so I’m going to leave it alone for the time being.

I tend to be pretty crude in my use of the interactive bash shell, really only leveraging basic history commands (!$, !*, !!, history, !n), globs, brackets, braces, and tab completion. Today I came across this page by accident, and now am enjoying ^R, :h, :t, :r, :e, :p, :g, and circumflex hat substitution. This reminds me of when I actually took the time to start reading the vim docs, and said “damn, and I thought this thing was cool before!”

Maybe I should start “whyistheflagathalfmasttoday.com” so people (read: me) don’t have to feel embarrassed about having missed the news on the person that died, or the the latest presidential decree that the flag should be flown at half mast. Reuters has some coverage of Colin’s visit, wherein he describes the devastation as worse than a war. I think I’ll leave it at that. If you haven’t come across them already, there is a disturbing collection of satellite photos before/after the tsunami hit Sri Lanka.