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Today’s realization: Hungarian Cherry Peppers are fantastic. Just thought I’d share.

I went to the eye doctor today for a checkup and a new prescription, more because my current lenses are horribly scratched than anything else — the prescription still seemed about right, but the amount of damage to the lenses caused the television to be fuzzy. Four years of rubbing them in your shirt will do that, I guess.

Anyhow, the doctor said that my vision had actually improved, and that my prescription should be reduced somewhat … and that most people at my [new] range of prescription tend only to wear glasses when driving or seeing a movie. His theory was that my vision has improved from wearing computer vision glasses while at work, and from the slight improvements that come to vision with age. He was more candid than that, though, mentioning that he generally feels computer vision glasses are a quack unless you spend all day in front of one (guilty). Further, he said no honest doctor would recommend laser surgery at this range, and he recommends I avoid anybody who does, as they’re just trying to make an easy $5000. He told me that after about two weeks without them, I would probably wonder why I ever wore glasses, though I would probably still be fond of the sharpness they brought, as it’s somewhat addictive.

I know entries about my personal health are not particularly fascinating, but I thought that this sort of thing (improved vision) being popular was somewhat interesting. Maybe all of this quack-cure eye exercise therapy isn’t so far-fetched after all … then again I’m not going to sign up for it any time soon.