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Kinsey was fantastic. The acting, especially by Neeson and Laura Linney, was superb. Still can’t believe we saw Neeson on the stage from third row for The Crucible. I digress. It’s a subject near and dear to my heart (I think everybody should read Paul Joannides’ book), which tends to cause a bias, so take that as a warning. In any event, it does a good job of exploring Kinsey’s life, and some of the difficulties in thinking of sex in purely scientific aspects. Definitely worth the watch. 8/10.

As a side note, we saw the movie at the State Cinema in Stamford. They have no website, don’t take credit cards, have no advertisements or trailers before the movie, operate in a converted theater, the projector is not in a screening room, so you hear platter noise … it put a lot more focus on the experience and the movie, and took away the oppressive commercialism that ruins the experience. Of course, at 16:10 on a Sunday, the theater was all but empty, which also made things more peaceful and pleasant. There wasn’t much in the way of constant sounds of wrappers and cell phones and little kids around us, it was just a nice old-fashioned moviegoing experience. I wish it was like that all the time.