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  1. Kenyan beans are praised for their acidity, and as such can make a fantastic cup of drip/press/vacuum coffee, but are usually too bright for espresso blends.
  2. The reason Starbucks over-roasts their coffee is that carbonized beans tend to mask inconsistencies (that is to say the impact of inexperienced pushbutton operators that have no respect for the coffee or equipment is minimized) in brewing technique. Further, it does a good job of covering up for stale beans or beans that have been sitting, ground, for hours or days at a time (as charcoal doesn’t tend to be nearly as volatile as coffee grounds), as well as beans that have been improperly stored (incorrect humidity and heat, for example). Consistency is more desirable than quality, as the latter comes with a hassle.
  3. iLife/iPhoto 2005 has native support for RAW images providing sharpness, color, and temperature adjustment out of the box at full CCD capability. This clears up one of my two hesitations with owning a mac as a primary platform (the other being the lack of good mapping/navigation/GIS software; Streets & Trips and OziExplorer for OS X would be sufficient), as in the past working with raw photos was much easier on a PC.
  4. It’s not “alterior” it’s “ulterior.”
  5. Bad sprains can take a year or more to heal.