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  • I learned what a serif is. I could never keep serif and sans serif straight, so I looked up the term. Now that I understand the concept of a serif, keeping the two straight is trivial. Not real tricky stuff, to be sure, but good to know.
  • 101 years ago today, the land speed record was set, at 91.37 miles per hour. This fact was culled from my The Worst-Case Scenario 2005 Daily Survival Box Calendar, though this sparked some controversy — according to what I could find, this record was set by Henry Ford. According to the calendar, it was set by Barney Oldfield, which seems to have been hired after this heroic event due to fear of Ford’s impending death on the part of his wife. While the calendar makes a better story of it, the truth is still interesting.
  • January is National Oatmeal Month. The cafeteria first told me that this was the case, and that as a result, the 10oz oatmeal would be $1 all month long.
  • I now know how to artificially fade my t-shirts.