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I’ve always been fascinated by large jets. I try not to visit sites that encourage my facination, as it would just get me interested in purchasing airliner trade magazines and so forth. As I will never be a pilot, nor do I have the perfect vision or military service required to fly heavy equipment, it’s a bit of a silly fascination. Even sillier, I’ve yet to be on any equipment larger than a 757. My guess is that other than being impressed by the sheer ginormity of the things, there’s not much to it, and the on-runway acceleration certainly probably is not as impressive as the small planes. That said, the idea of seeing and/or being on a 747 as it flies into one of the super-difficult approaches, like St. Maarten. If I could go back in time, riding one into Kai Tak before it closed (requiring an unbelievable hard right-angle turn before dropping onto the runway) would be a real treat. In any event, the point of all of this is that Airbus has unveiled the A380 the largest commercial passenger plane ever built. I think it’s fantastic. I can’t wait to see one in person, even if that may still be many months (or years) away.