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  • Just entering New York City makes you [statistically] 34 (visitors) to 55 (residents) percent more likely to die of a stress-related heart attack. I picked this up from Clive Thompson’s blog, where he mentions (Both links defunct) the above article he wrote. There are some other really fascinating observations in that article; it’s worth a read. I think some of the more interesting discussion revolves around crowding, and related to that, I found this quote: “street crowding may not be a big deal … the real crowding problem isn’t on the streets but in tiny apartments.”
  • New York City has a proposal on the table to secede from New York. Honestly, I think it’s a fascinating idea, though I can imagine the D.C. dilemma if it happens. That said, I’m not sure what would happen to the voting balance of the state if the city was broken off. Could be rather interesting.
  • Dockers are not nearly warm enough for 10 degrees and 20 mph winds. Even if you’re wearing a cashmere scarf, wool socks, a KDOT orange construction hat and seriously insulative gloves, your thighs are going to burn.
  • No matter what you think, you will forget everything you knew about probability in college in a few short months. Expectations, expectations, expectations!
  • If you value the cards in a standard deck as 1 through 13, you can pick any four cards, and by organizing them as necessary and only using the four basic operands (+, -, *, /), you can in most cases combine the cards together to reach a value of 24. If you reduce only to having cards 1-9 in each suit, it is solvable. I’ve yet to find out if it is always solvable when 10, 11, 12, and 13 are included. This can be used to play a game called Twenty-four, a slightly more interesting variation on war, that would take several more fun-filled hours.