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  • No matter how hard I try, I always seem to try and spell accommodate with a single m.
  • OLAP is really cool; I need to spend more time playing with it and learning how to implement it, rather than just rigging up servers and making sure it’s running.
  • Porsche is preparing to release a new car, the C7S, that will be priced between the boxster and 911, and will deliver (largely due to a more useful mid-engine layout) better performance compared to the naturally aspirated 997 line (excluding GT2/3 models, I suspect).
  • I probably should have taken some contemporary cultural anthropology courses in school. I think I would have found the topic pretty fascinating. I’m not interested in the old stuff too much, though certain things, like determining the development of sexual culture, would require a certain amount of history to grasp. Maybe I’ll pick a book up at some point and figure out if this is just a fleeting notion, or if it’s yet another fork in the “what do I want to do in the future” dilemma.