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Yeah, so we got a lot of snow. I don’t really get all of the fuss. Back in Michigan, this was pretty much the norm; part of living with lake effect is that getting several feet of snow over a week or two is pretty much standard issue. It does not take much time in these conditions to learn how to drive in the snow, and to learn that anybody in an SUV or an Audi is an extreme danger to your person. Out here, the entire place shuts down over six inches of snow. I just don’t get it. I went to the gym this morning, one person in front of me was literally letting their car idle … I’m all about going slow, but this was silly. The dangerous part of it is that people were zooming by on the left and the right, and most of them did not notice that their front wheels were spinning like mad as they floored it. It’s a good thing these folks don’t have rear-wheel. Or maybe they should … Darwin in action? In any event, after the fun times of getting to the gym, I stopped in the (empty) church parking lot for a few minutes and practiced car control; I was most proud of sliding the car perfectly sideways for about three meters before picking up any sort of forward motion. The Potenza RE92 tires are definitely not built for snow. Sadly, I started to draw a crowd from the people that were shoveling snow across the street … I’m not quite sure why, but with the police station only a few blocks away, I decided it best not to draw any undue attention.

Last night nerdwedding.com start getting nailed with email bounces; my best estimates are that something on the order of 25,000 messages were sent out with sales@nerdwedding.com as the return address. Bollocks. So I shut the MX down for that domain, and let all of the messages drain into the bit bucket … this is the sort of headache that should be met with harsh punishments … say slicing the dominant hand of the initiator off. I’m half tempted to try to buy into the actual spam offer only to find the target company and press charges … but the amount of effort just isn’t worth it.